Why should you choose us?

We strive to work with businesses to ensure a harmonious and efficient relationship that minimizes complications and costs for you. Our highly qualified team is equipped to handle all of your IT needs and as they handle similar situations every day, will possess the experience you need to find a resolution quickly.

Whether you need server repaircloud security or software development, we are the dedicated team who can fulfil your expectations.

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Running a business poses enough day to day challenges as it is. Add to that, the costs of employing staff and a dozen other associated bills, you don’t want any additional financial challenges on your plate.

IT problems can be potentially debilitating for a business, especially if you rely on your computers or the internet to conduct day to day operations. This is why it’s vital to outsource your IT needs to a managed services provider who knows what they’re doing. realTIME IT offers such a service.

Benefits of outsourcing your IT management

Managed IT is ideal for small to medium businesses who don’t have the budget to employ their own IT staff, but wish to utilise the same level of professionalism and expertise that larger companies enjoy. Outsourcing is an effective solution to structure your costs and focus on running your business, instead of sourcing and training a team of your own.

Having an in-house department is often impractical and expensive, as they are extremely isolated and don’t maintain the level of hands on work that an outsourced professional would. IT situations can be varied and unique every time, which means you want somebody who experiences such challenges on a daily basis and knows the fastest and most efficient way to resolve the situation.




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